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John Cockburn-Evans and his team gained many years experience in both business and management before turning to coaching and mentoring to share the skills they have learned along the way. They understand the challenges you face every day in the business world because they have been in your position and experienced the same pressures and problems.

Expertise through experience

Lead coach, John Cockburn-Evans, has 25years experience as an operations expert and a further five years as a management consultant. Working in the process industries, both in the UK and overseas, he has extensive experience in driving cultural change in difficult environments. John is a fully trained NLP practitioner, a Certified Professional Coach, and a Master Practitioner certified to deliver the Energy Leadership Index Assessment.

Proven tools and techniques

Accendit uses a range of coaching techniques to help you to understand yourself and your situation and see the changes you need to make to achieve your goals. We are fully trained and accredited in:

• Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP) – this is a comprehensive toolkit of techniques to help you change the way you think about things in the present moment, encouraging a more positive approach and reducing the impact of worries about the past or concerns about the future.
• Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) – a powerful questionnaire based tool providing a powerful insight into how you show up in your life energetically, and also how you react to stress from an energy perspective.

Benefitting the bottom line

Whether you are facing a daunting new project or promotion, or needing to re-focus an existing project that has gone off track, Accendit can give you the tools and understanding you need to conquer your critical internal voice, focus more clearly and move to a higher energy level. We can help you to be more flexible, positive and productive, achieving more, working more effectively and inspiring those around to, to deliver tangible benefits to your bottom line and real results across your company.

Interactive Discussion with Positive Outcomes.

At the Business Women's Network Event, Weston Homes Stadium, Colchester.

Business Women's Network Event, Weston Homes Stadium, Colchester
Business Women's Network Event, Weston Homes Stadium, Colchester.


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