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I have written about authenticity before. I am writing this post in the context of balance. There seems to be significant copy in social media about the positives and negatives of coaching. Some are extremely positive, with very positive and life changing experiences. Some bloggers are less happy, thinking that the coaching industry, and they use the word industry, is a “sham”. Their particular point is around the almost evangelical business like approach that some coaches use. Furthermore they believe that some of the coaches, are using their NLP skills to sell coaching in a cynical way. This of course may be true, but I can say categorically the coaches in my network do not use this approach. Yes we are in business, as it is our livelihood, but we intend to help facilitate genuine life changes that will ultimately sustainable by the client. This is all about personal values and “Authenticity” Ultimately this will be down to the individuals involved, but I would guide any perspective client to have a face 2 face with the coach, or at least a Skype /Call to check them out. Strong and experienced coaches, will have no problem with this at all, and would welcome it.

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