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Avoiding Conflict in Dialogues

Avoiding conflict is difficult when you have strong views or opinions. Sales people will tell you that while you are talking you are negotiating. This is important when we are having difficult dialogues, especially when those we are talking to, are likely to have opposing views.
How do we keep these discussions “Above the Line” and avoid conflict with the person. There is a simple solution, and it may sound obvious. Focus purely on what is being said, and not who is saying it. We can never totally avoid judgement, but judge the dialogue on its merits and not the individual.
We always find this easier to think about rather than actually do. A simple trick is to mentally prepare ourselves, by trying to predict when these potentially difficult situations will arise, and self-trigger around just what is being said. It is about situational awareness. Meditation can help, but there are other techniques based on NLP.

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