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Patience & Resolve

  I constantly  keep reminding myself of this. It was the mantra of an old “Boss” of mine, which was his way of saying never give up, or keep the flame burning . Easily said, but not so easily done. Even as an experienced professional coach, I have to constantly keep

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Short Interval Control & Coaching

Not necessarily a title you would expect to see in a coaching blog, but something I have been giving a lot of thought to recently. I am fortunate enough to do a lot of work as part of my consulting work . This generally includes an amount of  group and or team coaching as well […]

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Coaching in a Factional Culture

Life is getting more complex, with the rise of factionalism. I have referred to this in recent blogs. The geopolitical climate is generating more polarisation, and tribalism, which we see clearly on social media.  This of course will filter down to business and the workplace. In turn this factionalism will reduce authenticity and create a […]

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