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Coaching in Times of Great Uncertainty.

There is no doubt that we are in a time of great uncertainty with the geopolitical state in constant flux. I cannot recall a more dynamic situation in my lifetime.  I am not going to talk about the VUCA world as I have touched on this before.

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When is Coaching not Coaching ?

I often get asked what is the difference between coaching and other forms of  performance related interactions? There are many ways in which we can have a positive influence on our clients. We can train them, where we are sharing information and validating their understanding in such a way that they can execute new work, […]

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De-cluttering in a complex world.

To most people de-cluttering means removing physical items, either at home or at work. This could also be a process we do with our brains or minds. However, I got to think about this a different way, having read a recent article in the New York Times about freelancing. A staggering 47% of millennials are […]

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