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Change Management

I just delivered a 3 day module for an eMBA course,  on ” Change Management” and it had me really thinking. Firstly the levels of engagement were really high from all the students. I have talked about  VUCA , and the rate of change numerous times before, but the changing world is real and is […]

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Systemic Team Coaching

I listened to a brilliant talk by Peter Hawkins yesterday of both Renewal Associates and Henley Business School. His point was clear, we are clearly in the VUCA world now and it is accelerating. He has interviewed CEO’s and business leaders, and they have confirmed VUCA as the new reality. We need some radical thinking […]

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How do you coach for “Transformation”

  There is significant discussion about “Transformation“, specifically  cultural transformation. I regularly go into  consulting clients, and they ask for the “Cultural Transformation” magic bullet.  I politely remind them that there is no magic bullet. Firstly. I tell them that I can facilitate the transformation, but they have to do it themselves. If they don’t […]

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Passive Agression

More than ever in the times of rapid change, we need to be self aware, and avoid a situation which could lead us to be passive aggressive. Most of us can recognise it in others, but can we recognise it in ourselves ? It does not have to be directly manipulative or overtly aggressive, it […]

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Avoiding Conflict in Dialogues

Avoiding conflict is difficult when you have strong views or opinions. Sales people will tell you that while you are talking you are negotiating. This is important when we are having difficult dialogues, especially when those we are talking to, are likely to have opposing views. How do we keep these discussions “Above the Line” […]

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