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The Importance of Feedback

  I found a really interesting article by Deborah Grayson Riegel on HBR today.  She makes the point, “Reduced feedback, diminished external encouragement, and decreased interpersonal interaction don’t just take an emotional toll; they can take a toll on our work outcomes as well”. Whether it be

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Time poor – How do we maintain performance in the VUCA world ?

  There are plenty of articles around time management and managing the complexity of life. As a coach, one of the areas I spend significant time is around helping leaders and executives maintain focus. There are so many distractions form work and media channels which make it less possible to focus on a daily basis. I […]

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Coaching or Leading in Challenging Environments

I thought I would dedicate this Blog post to coaching or leading in challenging environments, as I will be talking about this at the UK ICF Conference next week. I have decided to revisit the topic, even though I have covered it before. It seems to be becoming more relevant as  the world is becoming […]

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Giving Feedback

I was interested to read an article in this months HBR (Harvard Business Review) about giving feedback. It starts to question whether that giving feedback is one of the better tools in the management armoury. There is no doubt that giving a appropriate feedback can be very powerful in the right hands.

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When is Coaching not Coaching ?

I often get asked what is the difference between coaching and other forms of  performance related interactions? There are many ways in which we can have a positive influence on our clients. We can train them, where we are sharing information and validating their understanding in such a way that they can execute new work, […]

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Coaching in a Factional Culture

Life is getting more complex, with the rise of factionalism. I have referred to this in recent blogs. The geopolitical climate is generating more polarisation, and tribalism, which we see clearly on social media.  This of course will filter down to business and the workplace. In turn this factionalism will reduce authenticity and create a […]

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