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Time poor – How do we maintain performance in the VUCA world ?

  There are plenty of articles around time management and managing the complexity of life. As a coach, one of the areas I spend significant time is around helping leaders and executives maintain focus. There are so many distractions form work and media channels which make it less possible to focus on a daily basis. I […]

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Personal Expectations Misalignment

I read a recent article from the US. It was written from a “Faith” background and was discussing the thorny subject of marriage failure. There were the usual discussion points around money, sex, at the high levels, and other disagreements further down the order. However it postulated that the main reason for marriage failure was […]

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Team Coaching Reflections

I am currently involved in a large consulting engagement that involves a significant level of coaching at senior levels. It also involves some local coach training, both individual and group. I thought I would share some reflections on these types of coaching because away from the specific coaching techniques, ethics and confidentiality, there are some […]

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Mental Health

As we start the week that is “Mental Health Awareness Week“, there have already been great recent initiatives on this. Princes Harry and William with their openness and support for recent UK events like the London Marathon. Raising awareness is the first step of the journey. It is more prevalent than ever in this VUCA […]

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