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Having Powerful Conversations

It was a real pleasure to be given the opportunity to speak at the BWN (Business Women’s Network) in Colchester last week.  The group was lively, interactive and hungry to learn.  The subject matter was not about how to sell or  gain business, but  use both your cognitive and emotional skills to structure a conversation […]

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The Power of Coaching Diversity

It was really energising to attend a CPD event organised by the Cabinet Office last week. It was foremost a programme review, for all the coaches who are coaching  the current cohort of  government high potentials.  There were some great speakers their too, with different backgrounds ranging from manufacturing, engineering, fashion, commerce, facilities management and […]

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Personal Expectations Misalignment

I read a recent article from the US. It was written from a “Faith” background and was discussing the thorny subject of marriage failure. There were the usual discussion points around money, sex, at the high levels, and other disagreements further down the order. However it postulated that the main reason for marriage failure was […]

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Trust – Different Things to Different People

I had occasion to think about what “Trust” really meant yesterday. I am working in Russia and it has some significant cultural differences to what I am used to in the UK. We spend a lot of time talking about building trust, as it is important and fundamental in the coaching arena. I experienced what […]

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