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Sometimes our work environments can be challenging for several reasons, whether it be working within a team, difficult relationships, or challenging cultures. Accendit has specific expertise in helping both individuals, and teams navigating these more challenging environments based on our experience in many industry sectors, cultures, and countries. Potentially hostile or stressed working environments can have a direct and negative impact on productivity and performance.

If you click on the button below you can see a short presentation, where I cover some of the cultural aspects to look out for, and some of the potential remedies. If you click on the other button, you can also download the paper that gives deeper insight to the overview in the video presentation.



With our bespoke coaching, we can improve personal and team energy and enable people to help themselves have more focus and control over their working lives. Our work is founded on the principles of Energy Leadership and we strongly advise taking the ELI or Energy Leadership Assessment

If this is affecting, you, your colleagues, or your associates, please reach out as we can help.

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