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Challenging Respectively


Being able to challenge in a respectful way is an underrated and under utilised skill. It is interesting to see how social media is developing. Its intent to let everyone publish, is having some positive effects. There are of course some of the obvious adverse affects such as “Public Ranting” , and “Jingoistic Language”. However I see another  less obvious side effect. For those involved in social media because they enjoy it, but have not yet turned off, I see  two emerging camps. There are those that seem to become more and more politicised and enjoy sharing more and more, but worryingly there are those who are drawing away and shutting down for fear of retribution and the adverse publicity based on their opinions. This has been much publicised in the context of trolling and free speech. The whole trend for “Fake News” is also exacerbating the problem. I see a subtle and more concerning trend. The more presentations and workshops I go to, the less people I see challenging the speaker or presenter. I am still unsure what is driving this, but I fear people are losing the skills to challenge in a positive and respectful way. If I see something that is blatantly incorrect, I will challenge. Challenging with knowledge and confidence edifies the debate, and helps others understand better. This is about confidence, and skill in the language, both verbal and body, that we use.

I can see to a certain extent why people won’t challenge in large arenas or on social media, but there is no reason why we should not challenge in forums and presentations. This is another area where coaching can help. Coaching can help remove these confidence or skill blockers so please contact us.

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