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Complexity vs Simplicity

If we have a think about the vexing question of Greece’s mounting debt , repayments to the EU it looks like a very complex, involved political problem. However, when we start to look at the principles and values at stake the discussion could be a lot simpler. If we join a club (EU) and we expect benefits from the club we expect to pay some fees or dues in return. It is simple for me, if I don’t pay my race club fees, I am not allowed to race. Without judging the Greece situation, it might look a whole lot simpler if we looked at it from a perspective of principles or values.  

In life we spend a lot of energy inserting systems and generating complexity, making decisions more difficult. If we step back, look at the fundamentals , and take a view based on principles then decisions become a lot simpler and more focussed. These decisions require less energy, which mean we can do more. 

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