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Energy Boost – Taking Time to Talk

I happened to be in London the other week, and I was walking back from a meeting at the end of the day towards Piccadilly Circus Tube Station. I find the heart of London a magical place at this time of year, particularly before Christmas and as it goes dusk. I had a moment before my train, so I walked into my beloved Lotus Shop on Regent Street to get another energy shot. I was lucky enough to own a Lotus Sports Car a few years back, and I still yearn for another when I have enough money. I love the original ethos of Lotus, and that of Colin Chapman, its founder, and what they espoused in 60’s , 70’s, 80’s and beyond. The idea, that small could be great, the unthinkable could be done, and the challenge of unconventional thinking still resonates with me.

I was approached by a lovely sales assistant, and I was able to explain that I was not position to buy anything, but was just looking and enjoying the moment. She was interested to hear some of my stories with racing, the conversation quickly moved on to the ethos of Lotus, and being open minded. As it was the end of the day, and before closure the shop was empty. A couple of the other assistants, who had just completed some studies joined the conversation. We moved onto careers and personal development and the need to keep moving and adapting. We had a fantastic and edifying conversation, and it was an excellent way to round the day. It left a really good feeling with all of us, and after talking about careers, I had a sense that they had “Hope” . I guess my point is that I had a choice, I could have walked out having seen what I wanted to see. Talking is good, and you never know how a conversation will develop, and generally it ends up in a positive place.


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