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Energy Leadership

I have been reflecting on “Energy” recently mainly in the context  of Leadership. The ELI or Energy Leadership Index Assessment is one of the powerful tools the iPEC trained coaches can use as a pre-cursor to a powerful coaching relationship.

The process involves understanding how we show up in the world relative to our ARL or Average Resonating Level of Energy. Those with higher ARL’s or E-Factors generally have a more fulfilling life. However, our energy at any one time does vary depending on our personal self-awareness and situation.  I can relate a very personal story to this concept. Unfortunately before the recent Christmas break, I picked up a medical condition out of the blue. It hit me hard, and I spent some time in hospital. Fortunately my medical team are now working hard to reduce the physical symptoms, and I am now stable. I went through every energy level from level 1 (playing the victim) to Level 2 (conflict), I can fight this.  I am now at levels 4 and 5 , “serving” and “win-win”. Being able to recognise this is immensely powerful, and helped me through the journey quicker, certainly through the lower catabolic levels (1&2).  If you want to know more, please click the links  and/or even take the ELI assessment by clicking the Take Action button.

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