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If we are honest with ourselves, few of us can say we are working at our very best and fulfilling our true potential. Accendit Coaching can help you and your staff to move so much closer to this goal, enjoying a more satisfying and rewarding career, achieving more and growing as an individual and as a company. Whether you are starting out with a new business, moving on to a new role or new project, or simply struggling with the same old ingrained institutional issues, Accendit can help you become better prepared and better equipped to meet the challenges ahead.

Leadership coaching – inspiring by example

The approach and attitudes of leaders can impact on everyone involved in a project. Accendit will enhance the personal skill set of your leaders to ensure that your key personnel lead by example, with a clarity of purpose that provides a role model for their entire team.

Performance coaching – creating a roadmap to success

Clear, goal driven thinking is essential for success, but knowing where you want to get to, and knowing how to get there are often very different things. Accendit can help you to understand the route you need to take to reach your goals so you can stay on track.

Cultural transformation – managing change effectively

There is no “magic bullet” for changing long established attitudes and approaches. It takes time, effort, dedication and a clear strategy. Accendit can provide bespoke guidance and support on how to create an effective cultural change in your organisation, helping you to create a plan and guiding you through its execution.

Energy shift coaching – increasing your energy

Our personal resonating level of energy can be shifted using the appropriate coaching techniques. The Energy Level Index assessment is not about individual personality or skills, and so is independent of judgements or perceptions. The ELI is formulated from a statistically validated database and forms a powerful pre-cursor to any coaching session. All Accendit Coaching services are priced at the same hourly rate, except for the ELI assessment. The majority of clients opt for a package with ELI Assessments, as they are extremely insightful and powerful. Naturally, we can negotiate special multiple client rates for large organisations.

Please download the latest research paper on Energy Leadership Coaching, which demonstrates how this approach can dramatically shift a person's core energy, leading to greater life and work satisfaction.



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