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Moving to a more positive place

At the core of coaching is the concept of moving to a more positive place. A place where you are no longer held back by doubts and fears, or by the kind of negative behaviours that impact both you and those around you. Accendit will work with you to identify the changes you need to make in your personal and professional life, and give you the tools you need to make those changes, helping you to get more out of life and give more to every role.

Accendit specialises in high end executive coaching that can have a cascade effect throughout your organisation, delivering exceptional value for your investment.

Changing your energy

We recommend taking the Energy Leadership Index Assessment as part of your first session. This is a powerful tool that helps you to understand how you approach life. Based on the results, Accendit can create a personal coaching programme to help you move to higher levels of energy and enjoy greater drive and focus.

Reframing your approach

NLP techniques are not about what you are thinking about, but rather how you are thinking about them. By changing your thought processes and reframing problems and challenges in a more positive way, Accendit can dramatically change their impact on you and the way you live and work.

Improving your focus

Our goal is to help you to move away from the grey, bringing work and life into clearer focus so you can get more done, more efficiently and effectively, changing your approach and changing the culture of your colleagues and your company. From the very first session, Accendit will help you create palpable change, increasing your confidence, underpinning your leadership skills and revealing the true you.

Energy Leadership Index

The ELI or Energy Leadership Index is a very powerful tool for an individual to understand how they present themselves at work or in their personal life. I would recommend highly that an individual embarking on a coaching relationship completes an ELI assessment which we can use as the basis for the first session. We can build on the output of this to move to higher levels of energy and a more positive place Please click link for more information on ELI or COR.E Energy

Please make contact via the contact form on the Take Action page, or on 0203 745 7737. I generally coach in the evenings and at weekends. I can meet you in a mutually convenient location. For coaching activities, locations that are quiet and private are important. It is possible to carry out certain activities, such as follow-ups over the phone, however I would always recommend a face to face meeting at the start. Sessions can be conducted over the phone, if travel is not convenient for the client. Coaching is an interactive process, and the basic premise is to help the client to help themselves. As such the coach will always work to the client’s agenda.

Please download the latest research paper on Energy Leadership Coaching, which demonstrates how this approach can dramatically shift a persons core energy, leading to greater life and work satisfaction.


Fees are structured on an hourly basis, or on fixed fee basis for specific work, by arrangement. Fees are £247 /hr or £225 for an ELI with 45 minute debrief. Sessions can be block booked and paid for in advance, and 4 off one hour sessions will be charged at £897, or two sessions for £467 which includes a full ELI assessment & debrief. Clients can blend the packages accordingly to meet their needs. I will aim to re-arrange sessions with at least 48 hours’ notice, but cancelled sessions need to be paid for in full.


Data Policy & Code of Ethics

All discussions are strictly confidential, and personal data will be respected at all times, and will not be shared with a third party. Client welfare is a priority at all times. The discussions will be conducted in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. I follow the ICF (International Coaching Federation) code of ethics.

In the event you wish to proceed, I will forward a simple agreement in order to protect all parties. If at any stage, either party feels that there may be a conflict of interest, they should declare it, and defer/stop the work or session.


Eur.Ing. John A Cockburn-Evans M.Eng. C.Eng. F.I.Chem.E.  Certified Professional Coach

Tel. 0203 745 7737

e-mail to john@accendit-coaching.com or contact via Take Action page





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