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A very interesting article in The Times this weekend .  “All sorts of psychopaths, congenital liars and Machiavellian schemers could be slipping through the net of psychometric testing with disastrous effects scientists have warned. The classic “Big Five” traits used by psychologists to measure personality – extroversion, openness, agreeableness, conscientiousness and neuroticism – are said to be failing to pick up those most likely to cheat the system. A growing number of researchers are calling for a sixth category to be included in the tests: ‘honesty/humility’ “

This is fascinating from a coaching perspective, as this sixth trait is one of the core principles /values of coaching. Away from its value in trying to sort out the “fakers” , there is huge intrinsic value in the positivity of this trait. We can focus on things that are positive, with positive energy.  It also means that we will be less judgemental which is also a cornerstone of coaching.  I await with interest to see how this is being used. The great leaders of our world such as Ghandi exuded these traits. One of the great lessons I have had in coaching and consulting is how to approach every situation / interaction with confident humility.  

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