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Focused Help

The recent crisis in Nepal has shown how humans can gather, and help when there is a disaster. The aid agencies are managing a coordinated effort. Although they welcome all sorts of help, they are stressing the need for focus and coordination rather than random help. People turning up, without food or resources, or even knowledge of the area can be a drain on the overall effort. 

We all need to be focused in what we do, and target the right areas. We may have the right intentions, but sometimes we need to think about the unintended consequences of what we do, that may have a negative impact on a situation. This happens everywhere, and my personal way of dealing with this, is to stop and think, and ask the simple question “What if”. I find this has helped me on numerous occasions, whether I am working, at home or involved in sport. The “What if” with checklist is a powerful process/tool in preventing major process accidents too.

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