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Freedom of Speech comes with Non-Judgement

I read an intersting article in The Times yesterday. Baroness Joan Bakewell the veteran campaigner for women’s rights, and general campaigner had been talking at the Cheltenham Literary Festival about the negative effects of extreme feminism and obsessive political views.  I have read a number of recent articles around the rise in “extreme views” particularly as a means of controlling who or who not should speak at university meetings and debates. In the developed world people cherish “Free Speech” correctly as a fundamental principle.  Irrespective of your political views, controlling speech implies a level of judgement aimed at the speaking party. Non judgement is also a principle of effective coaching. Baroness Joan also cited a situation, where she wanted to raise the issue of “Domestic Violence” and it’s potential rise being linked to more extreme feminism. She was guided not to speak the unspoken. Irresespective of your views on this matter, we should never be in a situation, where we feel we can’t speak for fear of judgement.

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