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Getting Ahead

Getting ahead is critical in both life and the business world. I have used my coaching techniques and my increased self awareness to drive myself quite literally. My passion for motorsport will be obvious from my site. I have been racing for 5 years now and have been gradually making progress up the rankings. However, I made a step change this season, after the completion of my iPEC Diploma. The previous season I had been over driving the car, which means pushing it too hard with the resultant frustration. My improved self awareness has calmed me down, and the results were dramatic, 1 to 1.5 secs quicker on average round every circuit.

The culmination of this improvement was demonstrated a few weeks back. I achieved a 5th place for the second time this season in my group. I improved on this result in the final race and got a first place. So how did I do this? It had been a tiring weekend, but I centered myself in the collection area before the race. I was determined to win on this occasion, because I had had so many disappointments before. I got myself into a calm state, and followed that old adage of not worrying about what was behind me. I started in P3 and had a few setbacks, but worked my way to the front. The key thing this time, was that I held it, whereas before I have lost these positions. I held it, by being calm, focussed, and thinking intelligently about every move and every corner. In short I was being mindful.

Take a look at the video, and see what you think.


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