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Having a Strong Network


Having a strong network in coaching is as as important as any part of your personal or business life. We all know that networks have become increasingly more important, especially with remote working, and the reduction in direct social contact on a daily basis. So how do we maintain an effective network ?

The key word here is “effective”. Firstly the network needs to be “Authentic” , which we have covered earlier .  Authentic in this context means that all those within the network not only trust each other, but buy into the overall mission/vision of the network . The network does not need to have a formal vision or mission, but it needs to know what it stands for, and what it is going to support or publish. The individuals need to contribute equally as best they can and help each other out when required. Even-though the group will have similar values, the members should have differing and complimentary skills.

This is how we can maintain a strong network. The network is more powerful than the sum of the individual parts, and stronger for being tighter. A strong network, will deliver better results with the right ethos and framework.

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