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Heart vs. Head

It is funny what a major life changing event can do. Since setting up on my own, I have had numerous dialogues with friends, associates, ex-colleagues who wanted to understand my decision making process, because they are considering it too. I enjoy working at what I call the “Helicopter” level, where you look down from above at everything and take a strategic view, but we also have to get into the “Weeds” or the detail, in order to check and calibrate. I see this as loosely analogous to “Heart vs.Head” , where quite often the “Heart” is the strategic piece. In any significant decision making process, it is important that we get the balance right, between heart and head. There is no quick fix or magic formula. It comes with self-awareness and experience. We sometimes think that gaining experience is obvious, but we have to be open-minded enough to learn from our experiences for it to be a true experience. This is where the self-awareness can help. These two are inexorably linked. N.L.P. and coaching techniques, such as anchors, triggers and metaphors can help with our self-awareness. Finally, it is OK to get it wrong, because we sometimes need to play and experiment, that all builds on our experience.

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