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How Coaching Support Can Truly Have an Impact in Difficult Times


Professional coaches are professionals because they have a calling. They are not made, they are born and then they develop, honing their skills through training, experience, inner work and personal development. This is what sets them apart, as they are ever curious and never give up. Although we all have to live and eat, that is not the primary purpose. The primary purpose is to help others and the reason why some professional coaches do pro-bono in certain appropriate cases, even when they charge significant but appropriate fees for the work they do.

Plenty of  professionals  are helping by providing insights on social media around  dealing with quarantine, mental health, stress, remote work, isolation and many other aspects of our new lives.  Professional coaches can also offer support using their knowledge, skills and specifically with their training on integrity and authenticity. They can support with business continuity and development, which will be critical as we exit the first stage of the crisis.  It’s not just coaches, anybody can do this if they so desire and many professionals already are. People desire congruence and consistency more than ever, in addition to support from whatever professional background.

It is not just about the profession but the person and their values. I have been and still am a member of many venerable professional organisations, and worked with members of others. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is right up there with their rigour and standards. This is partly the organisation and leadership, but mainly because those that join are serious about the work they do, remain curious and have the highest standards. It is critical that these values are espoused and maintained. Dr Craig Newman a Clinical Psychologist has also  started an initiative called Project 5 to  give  NHS workers the mental health support they need  with all the appropriate checks and balances.

Whatever denomination you are, don’t forget that you need a support network to perform properly. Your own resilience is critical too. As a good friend of mine told me once, the safety briefing on a plane always tells you to put your own mask on first, before that of others. Let’s stay fit and do what we are good at.




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