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How to stay “Ahead”

So what does staying ahead mean ? It does not necessarily mean staying ahead of your perceived competition all the time. My interpretation of this is around keeping yourself mentally and physically fit to do what you need to do. I see this as being prepared for every eventuality in the new reality which is the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous) environment. One key element of being mentally and physically fit, is being conscious and self-aware. Only if you are conscious, will you be able to be agile enough to keep your mind in a positive state. With positivity, your mind will be in a state to deal with the challenges that are coming, whether they be mental or physical.

Coaching and mindful techniques can help with this. Some people meditate, which can work for a proportion of the population, but not everyone. I have to admit, I have tried meditation, but it does not work for me. At the time it was a great disappointment, as I almost felt obliged to be able to meditate as a professional coach. However I have found other ways to become more conscious using some of the techniques used in NLP. I use these to self-trigger consciousness when I need to. This can be done at the start of the day, or when preparing for a critical meeting or presentation. There are many techniques such as, “anchoring”, use of “metaphors” or the “circle of excellence”. I would guide you to use one or two that works for you, practice them and use them.

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