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It costs nothing to be pleasant……..

It costs nothing to be pleasant but the rewards are great, and can trigger finge benefits.

A small anecdote. I am after insurance on a new car, and I have received online quotes. I have to admit  I struggle to get energised about trawling for quotations, but know that I need a reasonable price, if not the best as it needs to be cost effective. I remembered the days, when I just use to ring my insurance broker and he would find me the best quotation that fitted my needs.. I was never dissatisfied. I spoke to my wife, and she reminded me that there are still some high street brokers around. I got in my car and drove through the East Anglian sunshine to  a local town I don’t visit often where there was a branch.  I was attended to by a lady who was charming. She took my details, and came up with some quotations. She could not have been more charming and helpful, and although the quotations are not finalised yet, I know that I will do business with her. A smile goes a long way.  I also had the added benefit of visiting a town, which is truly multi-cultural. I enjoyed walking down the high street listening to all the different languages, dialects, and people with happy faces.

I could have stayed at home, searched the internet, and that would have been a big mistake for so many reasons.


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