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Keeping Your Best Employees.

This is an often talked about subject, and there is no doubt that the sands are shifting in terms of what employees want. It is quite clear that it is not all about money and financial benefits, certainly with the younger generations.It is going to be interesting going to the IoD Suffolk “Big Debate” later on in the year titled “Is Cash Still King”, as this refers to this topic. Clearly there are other elements that keep employees motivated such as training, career progression, and other incentives.

The really effective staff actually want way more than this. The ones that are delivering effortlessly and consistently want bigger challenges and more knowledge, as they will plateau quickly. Meeting the need is one thing, but spotting it is another. Your top performing talent will be hungry for more knowledge and curious and continuously asking for larger and more diverse challenges. It is import that as a leader you do not get embroiled in your daily challenges and miss the signs. The most capable won’t even necessarily ask, they will find the challenging work themselves. This is where your own self-awareness and higher consciousness can be invaluable.

This does not necessarily solve the problem of how to keep then challenged and motivated. If you cannot provide the challenge or the intellectual stimulation in your are, or scope of influence you should consider moving them to a different area, department or division. The penalty for not doing this is obvious.

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