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Making the right decision

The festive break is always a time for reflection. Quite often we ask the question what we are doing, or are we in the right job ? This is good, but we also need to be careful of the “lemming effect”, where we are considering a move because others are considering it. This is sometimes known as “group-think” or a cognitive bias. This is where we need to use all areas of our brain, the processing and logic side, as well as the emotional side. This should not prevent us from doing what is right, but ensures balance, and all options are considered. It  sounds very simple, but make list of the positives and negatives, and more importantly have a plan. Ensure that you are working on a plan, before you jump ship to avoid using the life belt. Some plans can take weeks, some years depending on  what you want to do, and the magnitude of the change. If you have financial commitments, make sure you can protect your financial security, or at least have an interim solution.  Many people jump for emotional reasons, and land into trouble. It is difficult to stay focused on your new endeavours with financial worries. Again, all these elements should not stop you, but are there to ease the transition. Everyones personal circumstances are different.

Follow your passion, but use that passion to good effect.

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