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Mental Health

As we start the week that is “Mental Health Awareness Week“, there have already been great recent initiatives on this. Princes Harry and William with their openness and support for recent UK events like the London Marathon. Raising awareness is the first step of the journey. It is more prevalent than ever in this VUCA world we live in. More stresses and strains for individuals then ever before, and the environment is only going to get tougher. I remember listening to a psychologist on the radio talking about “Executive Stress”.  In reality our executives are probably less stressed than people lower down the hierarchy, and also in the close contact professions like medicine and teaching. The theory is simple, those further up the chain have more control of their respective environments, time to plan, and the bandwidth i.e teams to help them. This is another great example of where science and particularly physics overlaps with emotions and psychology. In physics we have the equation stress(pressure)=force/area. The same applies in life, we can reduce our stress by having broader shoulders.

So that is easy said, but not necessarily easily done.  We can increase the size of our shoulders, by taking accountability for our behaviour, our demeanour, and influencing as best we can our personal environment. Again easily said, but not so easily done.  One of the concepts I have discussed before is that of energy “Energy Leadership“. Knowing how we show up in the world “energetically” can significantly help our self awareness, mindfulness and personal performance. If you want to know more on how you can do this please contact us, or visit our move forward page.

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