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My general working hours are 0800-1700 GMT Mon.-Fri., but recognise that leaders have busy schedules, so in appropriate circumstances such as time zone variance, I will coach out of these hours. The first session should be face to face for the most positive outcome, however after this first session, we can connect via Skype™ or other media. I look forward to working with you.  



We can co-design specific packages to meet your needs for corporate and group coaching. These can include the ELI Assessments, which are very insightful, and a "Springboard for Success". Please contact us if you require this, or anything else that is bespoke in nature. Payment can be made using the link below or by BACS transfer. VAT Invoices can be provided on request.


  • Option (A) One full ELI assessment with 45 min debrief £255.00 inc. VAT
  • Option (B) Coaching one session £280.00 inc. VAT (1 hour or multiples thereof )
  • Option (C) Coaching 2 sessions £520.00 inc. VAT (includes ELI assessment & debrief if requested)
  • Option (D) Coaching 4 Sessions £1020.00 inc. VAT
  • Option (E) Team Coaching - please contact us to discuss the approach and pricing options

With the exception of the ELI session, we do not offer coaching bundles, just discounts on multiples. We find that it removes the requirement to have multiple sessions at a fixed cadence. Our mantra is that it is done at the volume and the cadence that the client needs.


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