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Navigating Challenging Environments



I refer to a previous blog of about a year ago, when I talked about  leading in challenging environments. As I said before, far from workplace hostility and passive aggression ebbing away it seems to be on the rise in certain environments. I am getting more and more enquiries to coach in this area. It is not just the workplace too, but in home-life. Commentators  and health professionals have been talking about the mental health pressures that have increased due to life during lockdown. I have had a number of coaching support requests related to relationship issues and divorce.

It does not matter whether it is at home or the workplace, hostility can have a major negative impact on working life. With this in mind, I am sharing both my paper and a short video highlight around what people need to look for, and potential ways of overcoming hostility in a productive way. This is not just about large businesses or corporations but SME’s too. I have also talked at length about this at business networks. Specifically some of the things to look for are in the paper, and can be summarised as:-

  •  Poor adherence to standard and agreed practices
  •  Very little communication committed to in writing
  •  Lack of clarity on objectives
  •  Poor general communication
  •  Constant changing or conflicting schedules
  •  No praise or recognition for good work or achieving targets
  •  Targets moving without explanation

This is nowhere near an exhaustive list, but will give the reader some clues. If you feel as though your environment is particularly hostile, or have a team that is behaving inappropriately please reach out to us at Accendit. Our coaching  skills and experience can help you navigate through the environments. Our principal coach has extensive experience of working in these areas.

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