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Not Being Shy – Let’s Keep Talking

We live in interesting and uncertain times. As I referenced in my recent paper around having impact in hostile environments, we are far from self-actualised. Through the nineties, companies were working hard, to be  more open, engaging and collegiate, but something has shifted.

I am am still not clear on the reasons, whether it is geopolitics, the need for survival in a competitive world the total immersion in social media, but people are definitely more withdrawn. I have this both anecdotally from clients and associates. There seems to be a reticence to answer direct questions for fear of  how the response may be received, or even the avoidance of direct interaction. I can’t recall anything like this before, even from the “Shyest” of people. It is almost as though certain people have withdrawn from a level of self-independence and moved to a place where they are in survival mode.

This is a paradox. The ability to answer questions and have a richer conversation, will help with greater self actualisation. It is critical to avoid a negative downward spiral. Healthy interactions are good for the soul and build our personal energy. Increasing our levels of self awareness can help. If we start to feel withdrawn, it is important to keep talking. Even without coaching, find a trusted  adviser or friend and keep the dialogue going. Let’s keep talking. It is better for your mental health, and that of those around you.


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