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Peaks & Troughs

I was in an interesting conversation with an associate the other day. She had explained that her business was going well, but  she was experiencing some extreme “mood” swings to use her words.

However, I had chance to reflect on this, and actually think what she was experiencing was rapid fluctuations in energy. As I have previously discussed our resonating level of energy is directly related to our home/working environments and our level of personal awareness. Positive environments  and  heightened personal awareness will have a direct positive impact on our levels of energy.

So what is driving these changes at the moment? We are in a period of unprecedented change, economically  and from a geopolitical perspective. VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) is here to stay. We can have impact on our environment if we are in a position to influence it, but this  is not always the case. However, we can impact our levels of self awareness through training , coaching, and if it resonates with us, meditation. The even better news is that the more mindful we are, the less likely we are to slip into a trough, and even if we do, we are less likely  to spend significant time there.

This was also my wake-up call to remind myself about these energy shifts, and make sure I am fully prepared to deal with these. I will also make contact with my associate.

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