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Reconnecting & Growing

A great quote from Dr. Patrizia Collard on Mindfulness, “By reconnecting with these simple moments in life, by truly living moment by moment, it is possible to rediscover a sense of peace and enjoyment.”

This really resonates with me, and I am constantly looking for positive touch points at every moment, even at times of great stress and change. It is amazing how these “micro-moments” can give you a short term energy boost. The word synergy is used extensively these days, almost to the point that its meaning has become a bit blurred. I like the definition whereby the whole is bigger or stronger than the sum of the constituent parts. To me, this implies there is something special or additive going on based on the relationship between the constituents. When I look at this in the context of these micro moments or touch points, then these are definitely synergistic. At the end of a day when I have many of these then I am energised, and the “whole” is definitely bigger than the parts. Furthermore, I feel more energised to look for more the following day.

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