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Starting on the right path

We are now at the time where most of us will be gearing up for a fresh start in 2017. Some have said that with changing geopolitical landscape that 2016 was a bad year. I think this is very difficult to calibrate or judge, and is totally dependent on the “Minds Eye” or the lens we look at things through. With the right mindset our years will always be strong. However we need to ramp up wisely and follow our intended paths. Sometimes we feel the need to dive in at full pace, but if we go too fast we can lose our peripheral vision. Our peripheral vision allows us to monitor the ever changing landscape, and adjust accordingly without deviating from our path. I heard a great quote a few years back, “We need to be one step ahead, but not two”. This really resonated with me as it means that by staying just ahead of the curve, we don’t lose sight of what is changing around us. The danger being that our path is not corrected accordingly, thus allowing us to follow our fundamental goals in away that embraces what is around us.

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