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Systemic Team Coaching

I listened to a brilliant talk by Peter Hawkins yesterday of both Renewal Associates and Henley Business School. His point was clear, we are clearly in the VUCA world now and it is accelerating. He has interviewed CEO’s and business leaders, and they have confirmed VUCA as the new reality. We need some radical thinking around coaching practice. We need to be able to coach systemically, and not just coach the people in teams but the connections between them, and furthermore the connections between teams. The majority of businesses are now SME’s and start-ups, and even collaborations. This also reinforces the requirement for Systemic Team Coaching. I can also see a huge overlap between this, and that we do in the operational excellence space with “Lean” which is all about team engagement and rapid deployment of critical change.

I am looking forward to the 3rd edition of his  book on the subject which will be out on July 11th.

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