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Team Coaching

So why am I dedicating a page to team coaching? Well there are some specific nuances for team coaching. It is not just about the more obvious aspects, such as efficiency and shared outcomes. Team coaching is an act of leadership. Minimal consideration given to team coaching, means that leaders can underestimate the benefits of coaching helping their teams.

A Common Goal

Team coaching does differ from group coaching in that it goes beyond a common purpose but supports the team towards a common goal through challenge, intervention, and support from the coach. This is exemplified in the graphics

Team Coaching Infographic
Team versus Group Coaching - there is a difference. Team coaching is not just a workshop or a facilitation process.


Team Coaching works well in the following environments. This is not an exhaustive list

  • There is a new clear common goal which is new to this team.
  • Teams lack the collective clarity they need to perform their team and individual roles.
  • The team has recently formed with both long and shot goals required.
  • An existing team dynamic does not support the team objective.
  • Team relationships are not as good as they should be.
  • New teams have been formed as part of a wider project transformation

Team coaching can be very powerful, but it needs proper alignment, preparation, and pre-engagement.

Effective teams become skilled at detecting and correcting errors before any damage is done. They are also particularly adept at identifying and capitalising on unfolding opportunities.

Accendit provides highly trained coaches and a robust process for ensuring sustainable outcomes within the environment team coaching. We will spend the appropriate time with client stakeholders for proper alignment prior to engagements.

Team coaching does not negate the requirement for individual coaching and can easily be incorporated into the team coaching process, both ethically and responsibly. We can also run individual and team diagnostics. The ELI is a powerful tool to help individuals understand where they are and how they can improve their energy.

If you want to know more, please reach out for a deeper conversion and illustrations on how Team Coaching can properly engage your teams and give your business the edge


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