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The Power of Coaching Diversity

It was really energising to attend a CPD event organised by the Cabinet Office last week. It was foremost a programme review, for all the coaches who are coaching  the current cohort of  government high potentials.  There were some great speakers their too, with different backgrounds ranging from manufacturing, engineering, fashion, commerce, facilities management and medical services. I had been too busy to attend these meetings before, but it was also a great opportunity to meet some amazing coaches from different  coaching schools with differing coaching diplomas.  The day was interspersed with some  energising talks on different coaching approaches.

All of the above sounds fantastic, but the true power comes from the connections that are made, and the informal dialogue. The coaching community is able to connect with each other very quickly at a high level irrespective of background. Within a couple of hours, I had made connections with  10 or so other fellow coaches (soulmates). This does not mean to sound arrogant or condescending, but in what other walk of life could you do this ? This is why I am encouraging my work colleagues and associates to consider coaching as an option. A colleague in Moscow has recently enrolled on a diploma. He can already see the power of  his initial learning in his day to day work, which in itself is energising.

The founder of my coaching school Bruce Schneider regularly talks about the mantra of “Raising the consciousness of the world one by one”. This could not be more true in the volatile world we live in, which at the moment seems to be changing exponentially. Having a higher level of consciousness allows us to be more focused and stable in this changing world.

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