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Time to Breathe


A short blog this month because there is so much information out there around self care, awareness, dealing with stress, being resilient and much more. It is easy to get overwhelmed by it all, especially if you are struggling to apply the appropriate filters. This is why we need time to breathe so we can focus and truly understand the things we need to do to help ourselves. This is analogous to choosing the right pieces of the jigsaw, and building it in the correct order. In addition to the coaching work, I spend time working with organisations on process and people productivity, founded in the origins of “Lean” thinking. 

One of the mantras of Lean is knowing when to use a laser guided approach versus a scatter gun. The same thinking can apply to our personal wellbeing and approach to life. The more focused we become, the easier it is to build the necessary  boundaries to protect ourselves appropriately. The better boundaries we have, the more likely we are to be focused. Similar to the ongoing development of  a production process, each sub-process becomes synergistic and supportive of the other processes. The trick is to find the first piece of the jigsaw, whether it be for ourselves or a process.

This is the reason I titled this short blog “Time to Breathe” because we need time to breathe in order to find the first piece of this jigsaw.  It is the start of the month today, and it so happens to be the month of my birthday. Although I am not a devotee of astrology, my star sign is Libra, which is supposed to represent balance. This is a good opportunity for us to find balance in our lives. With is in mind I am sharing the Greater Good Science Center wellness calendar in the link. It might help us with a daily reminder that we are important and we have to love ourselves first.        

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