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Too Hasty to Judge

I stumbled across an interesting article on the BBC website, about how there is a small section of society who are unable to feel or show emotion.

This can have a significant effect for them about building effective relations, and getting on with life. It got me thinking, about how society reacts. There is an expectation that we should see and read emoton, and when we don’t, we start to make assumptions about peoples beaviours, values and beliefs. As coaches we are taught on how to deal with these assumptions ourselves, and coach others through them. We have specific tools for helping people deal with assumptions, and other “Energy Blockers” such as gremlins, interpretations and limiting beliefs. All these can skew our view of ourselvs or others.

Finally these assumptions can lead to judgements which will  probably be incorrect. As coaches we are taught to be non judgemental.

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