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Truly Not Judging

I have posted many times about the theory and practice of non-judgement. I talk about the importance of not judging individuals. In my view judgement is OK for circumstances, events and situations but not people. I fear that in a very politicised and polarised society judgement of people is becoming way more prevalent. I have read two recent social media threads where I believe there was an unnecessary level of judgement. One where the UK PM was being judged for is positive U-Turn on a “zero emission” economy. Surely this should be celebrated? It is OK to change, and that is why intelligent people adapt.

In my view we should be confronting issues, and avoiding conflict with people. This takes a certain mindset and skill, and particular level of awareness. When people are judged, they can suffer hijacks or emotional responses, quite often hidden which will reduce their level of energy. Learning to resist judgement is very difficult and I went on my own personal journey. I am still far from where I want to be. I try and raise this concept in every appropriate interaction I have and all the consulting training  I deliver. I am always amazed at the number of smiles I get when people understand the concept.

In the same way people count near misses on the road in the context of road safety , I would  urge you to count how many times you nearly judge someone unnecessarily. It is a fun exercise, and I will gurantee, it will raise your level of energy and awareness.

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