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Unintended Consequences

It is difficult to understand what the VW leadership were thinking about, when they decided to devise a software system that was designed to fool the emissions testing regime. Now the deception is out, it is likely that this will rumble on, and be costly for the Company in all dimensions, not only in actual cost but reputation. This reminded me of the importance of being true and authentic. We all have an opportunity to be true to ourselves (authentic), and challenge what we believe to be wrong. However sometimes we get caught up in the day to day work, and forget to challenge. I am sure the technicians, designers and engineers got into this state, because if they did stop on think of the outcomes, they probably would have stopped. Beware the “Unintended” consequences. A good colleague of mine shared with me his benchmark. It was called the “Red Face” test. A simple question, if what you were doing got out into the public domain, would it give you a “Red Face”? I guess we all need to just spend more time on ourselves, stop and think of what we are doing. What-If ?

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